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Let’s Build Healthy Minds Together!


Mindfulness is the key to emotional and spiritual health. It is essential for thriving in systems that resist diversity and social equity. If we want stronger families, relationships, organizations and communities, we must practice mindfulness. How can we use mindfulness to accomplish these things, boost our self esteem and work performance? How can we practice… Read More

Demystifying Postpartum Sex

Postpartum sex is hardly discussed. Yet, it requires a lot of emotional and physical preparation. Learn some truths about postpartum sex in this video. Are there things you wish you knew about postpartum sex? Also sign up for a private class to learn more.

Cleansing the Nursery

We all expect the parents of a newborn to be happy and not abuse their children. We assume parents will form a healthy bond with their children. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Some parents have difficulty bonding due to traumatic experiences and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs). Some parents just seem to fail… Read More