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Studies in the field of Infant Mental Health show that mothers play a significant role in early childhood social and emotional development due to the existence of a strong and unique mother-child bond. This is one reason Little Ones specializes in empowering mothers, building their confidence, and enhancing their natural mothering competencies in the early years of parenting.

We mother-the-mother to promote secure parent-child attachment and socio-emotional development.

  • Do you have other areas of your life figured out, yet it seems you have difficulty understanding your little children?
  • Do you need help addressing your child’s developmental and behavioral issues?
  • Do you want to become an entrepreneur while raising little children?
  • Do you need help balancing motherhood and marriage?
  • Do you primarily need emotional support?
  • Do you primarily need spiritual support?
  • Do you feel lonely?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Little Ones Early Childhood Mom Coaching package is what you need. Starting at $400 per month, Mom coaching typically lasts for three to six months. However, we can work with you for shorter or longer durations. Schedule a free consultation today!

Covered in My Womb Perinatal Mentorship addresses the spiritual and emotional needs of new and expecting mothers

This package includes:

  • Individualized reflective journaling activities
  • Biweekly Reflective/Mindfulness sessions
  • Christian Devotion Meditation (For spiritually inclined mothers)
  • Virtual postpartum doula support
  • Virtual Emotional Readiness Course (perinatal classes on breastfeeding, new-born care, secure attachment parenting, and more)
  • Spirituality Mental Health Cards, Covered in My Womb T-Shirt, A Christian Mother’s Creed Book and Card Set (For women in the United States and neighboring countries )

Starting at $500 per month, Perinatal mentorship typically lasts for 6 months to one year. Schedule a free consultation or Sign up today! Discount available for starting mentorship in the first trimester.

Early Childhood Mom mentorship addresses the spiritual and emotional needs of mothers of children ages one to five

This package includes:

  • Coaching in life areas where development is needed
  • Individualized support and advice on early childhood parenting
  • Weekly reflective supervision and mindfulness coaching
  • Christian Devotion Meditation

Starting at $400 per month, Mentorship typically lasts for 6 months to one year. Schedule a free consultation today!