Private Perinatal Classes

Our classes will equip you with the skills and resources needed to:

  • Welcome your little ones into a physically ready, emotionally healthy, and spiritually prepared home.
  • Reduce Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) and trauma transfer risks.
  • Take the guesswork out of raising your little ones and thrive in early childhood parenting.
  • Become an expert in nurturing and responding to the unique needs of your little ones.

The following classes make up the Perinatal Emotional and Spiritual Readiness Course:

  • Introduction to Newborn Care
  • Understanding Babies
  • Babies, Boobs & Bottles
  • Soothing & Sleeping
  • Cleansing the Nursery
  • Back to Work: Guilt-Free Postpartum Transition
  • Nursery Essentials
  • Daddy Duties

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Please schedule an appointment BEFORE paying for classes.

Introduction to Newborn Care

This is a confidence-building class. What makes this class unique? We teach you how to care for your newborn with purpose. When the purpose of a thing is not known or understood, abuse is inevitable. You will learn how to support your child’s brain development while doing basic things like diapering, bathing, etc. We cover essential topics such as newborn procedures, umbilical cord care, dressing, diapering, bathing, and more. Online Only. $80/family. Duration: 1 hour. Schedule an appointment below.


Special Abilities: Understanding Developmental Disorders and Delays

Do you have concerns about your child’s development or recently received a diagnosis about your child’s development? This class addresses the most common questions parents have. Drawing from the Developmental, Individual-Differences, Relationship-based Model (DIR®), you will be introduced to mindful/reflective parenting to reduce your stress and better support your child’s development. You will receive evidence-based information, emotional support, and more to help you understand the unique needs of your child. Cost:$80/family. Duration: 1 hour. Schedule an appointment below.


Understanding Babies

What’s your baby thinking? This class takes you on a journey through your baby’s mind. We cover infant communication, reflexes, behaviour, social and emotional milestones, play, and more. You will expand your reflective functioning and learn how to enter your baby’s world. Cost: $80/family. Duration: 1 hour. Schedule an appointment below.


Babies, Boobs, and Bottles

A well-fed baby is a happy baby! This class covers the basics of infant feeding: hunger cues, breastfeeding techniques, latching, pumping, formula feeding, introducing solids, gas, and burping, and more. Duration: 1 hour. $80/family. Schedule an appointment below.


Soothing & Sleeping

Soothing and helping your newborn sleep better will make life easier for the family. This class covers topics such as swaddling, reflux, colic, infant massage, room sharing, bed, sharing, understanding newborn sleep, sleep safety, and more. Cost: $80/family. Duration: 1 hour. Schedule an appointment below.


Let No Baby Put Asunder

Pregnancy and the birth of a baby should not end passion in your marriage. This class helps couples plan and reflect on ways to strengthen their marital relationship while parenting in early childhood. Topics include Pregnancy and Postpartum sex, work-family balance, toxic stress, partnership in parenting, and more. Online Only. Cost: $80/family. Duration: 1 hour. Schedule an appointment below.


Nursery Essentials: What You Need (and Don’t)

What do you need in your nursery? Let’s help you figure it out. In this class, we will create an individualized nursery list, discuss the most neglected part of the nursery, and focus on emotional readiness. Online only. Cost: $80/family. Duration: 1 hour. Schedule an appointment below.


Cleansing the Nursery: Emotional and Spiritual Preparation

You want the best for your child; yet, some visible and invisible issues can get in the way. What you don’t know can harm you and your baby. This class provides a safe space for parents to reflect on issues and experiences that may interfere with the parent-infant relationship. We will discuss intergenerational trauma, angels in the nursery, and spiritual nursery preparation. Online Only: Cost: $80/family. Duration: 1 hour. Schedule an appointment below.


Back to Work: Guilt-Free Postpartum Transition

As you get closer to the end of your paternity/maternity leave, you will most likely experience guilt or mixed emotions about being separated from your infant. Leaving infants in the care of other caregivers can be an emotional challenge. This class helps parents prepare for a guilt-free transition back to work. We discuss ways to choose a quality child care center, brain development, toxic stress, and daycare hours, how to balance family and work life, how to stay connected while away from the newborn, and evidence-based recommendations for transitioning back to work. Online Only. Cost:$80/family. Duration: 1 hour. Schedule an appointment below.


Grannies & Babies

Perfect as a gift and refresher class for grandparents. We discuss current approaches to newborn care, ways new grandparents can provide support and strengthen their relationship with the new parents. We also discuss ways to help parents overcome dysfunctional parenting patterns. Duration: 1 hour. Schedule an appointment below.


Daddy Duties

Great class and a perfect gift for expecting/new dads. We discuss brain changes associated with fatherhood, the unique roles of fathers, father-infant bond, paternal post-partum depression, and ways fathers can support mothers during pregnancy and post-partum. Duration: 1 hour. Schedule an appointment below.


Cancellation and Refund policy 

There are no refunds after purchase is completed. Your purchase counts as registration for purchased class. Refund available in full if training is canceled by instructor. Once registered, we count you as attending and prepare materials for your spot. If student cannot attend a class, all funds will be held for 12 months to be applied to a future class or transferred to another person. There is a $20 transfer fee for less than 48 hours cancellation notice. NO refunds for no-shows, partial attendance and last-minute cancellations (To ensure the class is not cancelled for other participants if the minimum is not met). We will do our best to address extenuating circumstances.

Our Perinatal Mentorship Program gives you access to the Perinatal Emotional Readiness Course




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