Daddy Duties



In the early years of parenting, fathers often feel isolated, stressed, and incompetent because society tends to focus on supporting mothers while neglecting the needs of fathers. This course highlights the spiritual, psychological, and biological changes associated with fatherhood and the unique influence of fathers on child development, thereby building paternal confidence and addressing questions fathers may have about the transition to parenthood. This interactive course provides a space for fathers to reflect on their own childhood experiences, address subconscious beliefs about parenting, and explore parenting practices that promote spiritual and emotional intelligence in children. The course combines class participation and discussion, weekly readings, and reflections to achieve the learning objectives.

Parents completing this course will be able to:

  • Develop an awareness of how their sense of identity influences parenting practices
  • Identify negative generational patterns and learn how to overcome them
  • Support the spiritual and emotional development of their children from conception
  • Demonstrate an understanding of their unique influence as fathers

This course will help you feel confident about your parenting skills, reduce trial-and-error parenting, and give your child the best early childhood experience possible!

Please Note: To address your family’s unique needs and create a safe space for you to share your experience, courses are taught privately. Once your order is complete, we will schedule a day and time for our online course meeting and send you the course materials.


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