One Hour Reflective Session



Why You Need Reflective Sessions

  • Parenting children with or without developmental disorders/delays can be stressful. Our DIR®-based Reflective Sessions can help reduce parenting stress and expand your capacity for mindful parenting. We will address your child’s behavioral or developmental concerns and guide you to renew your subconscious mind.
  • Pregnancy, labor, and childbirth do not always go as planned. Our trauma-informed and spirituality-based sessions can help you process your thoughts and emotions and reduce your risk of trauma transfer to your little ones. You will be empowered to mindfully navigate grief with hope for the future.

Reflective sessions are guaranteed to enhance your parenting or caregiving skills. Dr. Temi will provide a safe space for you to think about why and how you care for the children in your life and guide you to make parenting decisions for well-rounded child development.

Depending on individual needs, the following activities are included in reflective sessions:

  • Video analysis of parent-child interactions
  • Judeo-Christian mindfulness/meditative practices
  • Reflective journaling


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