Raising Spiritually and Emotionally Intelligent Children



These days, we have book-smart, socially skilled, or techy children suffering in silence because their spirit, soul, and body are not receiving adequate attention. To prevent unnecessary childhood trauma and spiritual battles, parents must proactively support their children’s spirit, soul, and body experiences. Promptly and strategically supporting children’s whole person, spirit, soul, and body can equip them to overcome mental health challenges and fulfill their life’s purpose. We cannot afford to have academically or technologically intelligent children who lack emotional intelligence. Also, it is dangerous to have emotionally intelligent children who do not know how to lean on spirituality when they have reached the limits of positive psychology, breathing techniques, or therapy. This course guides parents to explore parenting practices that promote spiritual and emotional intelligence in children. The course combines class participation and discussion, weekly readings, and reflections to achieve the learning objectives.

You will learn:

  • How to assess and support your child’s foundational emotional capacities
  • How to use spirituality for emotional support
  • The practices of spiritually intelligent parents
  • How to promote secure-attachment and a positive sense of self
  • How to maximize the mirror neurons in the early years of life
  • Games and interactions that promote emotional development

Parents completing this course will be able to:

  • Develop an awareness of how their sense of identity influences parenting practices
  • Identify negative generational patterns and utilize spiritual weapons to overcome them
  • Support the emotional development of their children through practices such as screentime management and anticipating what a child needs
  • Support the spiritual development of their children through practices such as early Bible reading/knowledge, speaking life, and integrating spirituality into daily living
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of their children’s Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities (FEDCs)
  • Identify ways to access spiritual intelligence and enhance emotional intelligence


Please Note: To address your family’s unique needs and create a safe space for you to share your experience, courses are taught privately. Once your order is complete, we will schedule a day and time for our online course meeting and send you the course materials.


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